Charles Evans

Managing Partner

Specializing in offering competitive insurance and employee benefits that deliver peace of mind from the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Charles Evans

Charles has been a top rated Insurance Broker for over 15 years.

He has accumulated many awards over the course of his career, including the 2012 Agent of the Year award as well as the top 2013 and 2014 Agency of the Year Awards for the Federal Employee Association (FEA). Over the years, Charles has had the privilege of sitting in the homes of countless families, enhancing their financial portfolio's and forging many longstanding relationships. Charles’s expertise in his field and the enormous benefits his clients receive from ongoing financial education is an invaluable asset to the ones he serves.

As a Broker of many insurance companies, Charles has access to a diverse line up of commercial products and services that can enhance one’s financial portfolio despite where their economic needs may lie. He represents many insurance and commercial institutions with billions of dollars in assets.

Services we offer

Life Insurance

Take care of the people who depend on you by providing them with a needed safety net in times of uncertainty.


Get the right plan for your future retirement in place by generating a guaranteed income you can depend on for years to come.


Avoid financial worry in the event of physical injury or ailment that prevents you from working by having short or long-term disability coverage.

Who we are

We are an independent group of highly credentialed financial professionals whose focus is creating financial security for both families and individuals as well as companies, small businesses, and their employees.

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Our local independent agents are experts in financial strategy and can quickly help you make the best decisions to support your needs.

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